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miércoles, agosto 10, 2011

Now in English :)

This is my first English post, just a translation of "vamos por partes", so here I go:
  • The second fortnight of July: now I'm going to talk about the "Medina Azahara wokcamp" With tiredness and sleep accumulated because of the previous "urban camp", for a coupleof days my mind was somewhere else, inevitably you tend to think in the last year with consequent comparisons but as the days passed that feeling would tended to disappear and finally you open your eyes and find great people who make your work easier, so, you just enjoy the moment. I cannot list all the good times because it would last forever but I keep those conversations with the girls from Seville and Cadiz, the game "what do you like about your partners?" (really good for our ego), the chewing gum passing around everyone, the moment when Pelin and I realized what we had common interest (particularly in music), those medical visits, thanks to them you know people better, the nights in the patio with Rocio and Ramon taking beers... I'm leaving many moments unsaid, but remembering all the people contribute with great moments, and that's what suprised me the most, it's not easy to happen in a group of 32 persons. I can only end this post by thanking you all.



Anonymous El increíble CptSpiff said...


11 agosto, 2011 13:28

Blogger Sara said...

uhmmm... ¿tan mal esta?

12 agosto, 2011 20:23

Blogger Gaël said...

Happy birthday muchacha.. estuve durante el dia viendolo en mi calendario y pensando en ello,.. y al final se me paso.

Hope all is good in Madrid,.. did you move out already?

Keep up the blog,

02 septiembre, 2011 10:17

Blogger Sara said...

Muchas gracias Gaël!!! madre mía, que ya han caido los 30... parece mentira... el caso, que en febrero me voy a Roma, a hacer el PFC y después... quien sabe donde acabaré en casa de mis padres fijo que no, que llevo ya unos mesecitos fuera y lo de volver no entra en mis planes.
Volverás algun día a España? jejeje

02 septiembre, 2011 18:14


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